Kid's Furniture

Kid's Furniture

Kid's Furniture
What can't you constuct from Moveandstic?
Tables and chairs made from Moveandstic parts are child-oriented and are a lot of fun.

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Elias Furniture Suite with Moveandstic Elias - Furniture Suite with Table and 2 Chairs [MAS-6020-Elias]
This furniture suite consists of a table (size: 85x85x45cm), a chair (size: 45x25x45cm) and a stool (size:45x25x25cm). This furniture suite is also available u...
€ 169.00 *
Marie Table with Oddments Moveandstic Marie - Table with Oddments Compartment [MAS-6017-Marie]
The table has be a compartment, which is 35x35x15cm in size. It can be covered with a panel. It is also available in different colours. Size:85 x 85 x 65cm
€ 269.00 *
Moveandstic Finn Chair Moveandstic Finn-Chair [MAS-6018-Finn]
The chair is also available in different colours. Other sizes are feasible for an additional charge. Size: 35x35x65cm
€ 44.95 *
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LoggyLand Playground Set The Creation of Adam 40x80 Starter construction kit Personalized Paint By Number Painting by Numbers Taj Mahal Anbaurutsche Wellenrutsche 3 Anbaurutsche Wellenrutsche 2

LoggyLand Playground Set ULTIMATE
€ 549.00 *

Painting By Numbers - The Creation of Adam 40x80
€ 32.99 *

Moveandstic Starter construction kit
€ 139.50 *

Personalized Paint-By-Number Kit
€ 32.50 *

Painting by Numbers - Taj Mahal Triptych 50x80
€ 29.99 *

Anbaurutsche Wellenrutsche 3,32m
€ 149.95 *

Anbaurutsche Wellenrutsche 2,63m
€ 69.99 *

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