Moveandstic curved tube, yellow

Moveandstic curved tube, yellow

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Made in Germany

Backordered - temporary delays possible
Backordered - temporary delays possible

There are only a few curved tubes in Moveandstic construction kits. These tubes are used for railings and roofs. We recommend buying additional curved tubes to reach a total of 6 pieces. You will need 4 to 6 tubes for a roof or one for the ending of a rail. There are many possibilities to use these tubes. Creative people even design a lamp.

  • Stick the tube to the connector
  • Turn the tube until the hole in the connector and the one in the tube match.
  • Place the tube clip
  • Turn the clip with the key 90°
  • Done

Number of curved yellow 75 cm tubes in each kit:
  • 1 piece in Starter
  • 1 piece in Junior
  • 1 piece in Profi

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