Moveandstic plexi panel 35x35cm

Moveandstic plexi panel 35x35cm

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Made in Germany

In stock and ready to ship
In stock and ready to ship

Use the plexi panels to let light into the structure and to have the possibility to keep an eye on the children. Secure the plexi panels with 4 special bolts nr. 875076

Important: The plexi panels are only to be used for walls. Never ever use them for platforms because they will brake. Make sure that an adult and not a child fixes these panels. Keep non assembled plexi panels away form children. Non assembled plexi panels can injure children.

  • Place the bolts into the tubes on top and on the bottom of the panel.
  • Stick the key with the narrow side into the bolts.
  • Turn the bolt 90°
  • Stick the plexi or wooden panel of 6mm into the bolts.
  • Secure the panels on all for corners with Moveandstic bolts.
  • The easiest way is to first fix two bolts slightly to the outside and then stick the panel into them. Turn the panel to the other two bolts. Slightly press the side tubes apart. Now stick the panel into the other two bolts and fix the tubes.

Number of plexi panels sized 30 x 30 cm in each kit:
  • 0 pieces in Basic
  • 0 pieces in Starter
  • 0 pieces in Junior
  • 0 pieces in Profi
  • 0 pieces in Pool

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