Moveandstic tube 35cm, green

Moveandstic tube 35cm, green

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Made in Germany

Backordered - temporary delays possible
Backordered - temporary delays possible

There are many 35 cm tubes in the Moveandstic construction kits. Nevertheless you will soon realise that you need even more of these tubes. You will be glad to have bought some additional tubes and there will be no delay in finishing your construction.

  • Stick the tube to the connector
  • Turn the tube until the hole in the connector and the one in the tube match.
  • Place the tube clip
  • Turn the clip with the key 90°
  • Done

Number of green 35 cm tubes in each kit:
  • 5 pieces in Basic
  • 5 pieces in Starter
  • 14 pieces in Junior
  • 18 pieces in Profi
  • 7 pieces in Pool

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