multi child swing silver/blue

multi child swing silver/blue

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In stock and ready to ship
In stock and ready to ship

Multi-child swing Education
On the swings – ready – go! A multi-child swing is the ultimate playtime equipment that will get the whole family swinging. It is an ideal sleeping aid for little ones, a favourite place for older kids to play about and somewhere for the grown-ups to hang out: a relaxation oasis, play paradise and chill-out lounge in one!

Robust model for long-lasting loads for private persons and for public institutions

Further to the standard model:
+ Certifi ed according to DIN EN 1176 + Thicker covering + Professional rope set with safety screw fi ttings + Higher dynamic load capacity: 660 lbs (300 kg)
Some facts about Education:
– Closer covering as standard – Lightweight frame construction – For permanent use – Recommended for indoor use in public institutions – Professional rope set with safety cover on screw joint – Approved for public play areas (DIN EN 1176) – Particularly popular in nurseries and and supervised institutions

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