Pool und Wasserspiele

Pool und Wasserspiele

Pool und Wasserspiele
With the Moveandstic Pool construction set you can construct a paddling pool or a ball pool. Perfect for the summer as a paddling pool and in the winter it is used inside as a ball pool.

The Moveandstic Pool construction set can be combined with other Moveandstic sets or spare parts. For example you can attach a slide from a slide tower.

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balls 500 pieces 60mm Moveandstic balls 500 pieces 60mm [875041]
These balls are so much fun. Kids love to jump into a pool filled with balls. The perfect place to romp around. For a pool sized 80 x 120 cm you need at least 1...
€ 64.99 *
Wasserspieltisch Modell 2 Moveandstic Wasserspieltisch Modell 2 85x85x65cm [MAS-6287]
€ 199.00 *
Babypool 125x85x25cm Moveandstic - Babypool 125x85x25cm [MAS-6288]
€ 199.95 *
Babypool 85x85x25cm Moveandstic - Babypool 85x85x25cm [MAS-6289]
€ 165.95 *
Pool drain plug Moveandstic Pool drain plug [875045]
Isn't expensive. But it is very unconvenient if you can't close the drain while your kids are waiting to go swimming. And this only because you can't find the d...
€ 5.95 *
Wasserspieltisch Modell 1 Moveandstic Wasserspieltisch Modell 1 125x85x65cm [MAS-6286]
€ 229.00 *
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LoggyLand Playground Set Painting by Numbers Taj Mahal Anbaurutsche Wellenrutsche 3 EURO MATIC Playpen Balls 1000 Der Weihnachtsmann und die Gift Certificate Malen nach Zahlen Indian

LoggyLand Playground Set ULTIMATE
€ 549.00 *

Painting by Numbers - Taj Mahal Triptych 50x80
€ 29.99 *

Anbaurutsche Wellenrutsche 3,32m
€ 149.95 *

EURO-MATIC Playpen Balls 1000 Pit Balls 60mm
€ 129.99 *

Malen nach Zahlen - Der Weihnachtsmann und die Eisenbahn
€ 21.99 *

Gift Certificate
€ 1.00 *

Malen nach Zahlen Indian Summer Triptychon Triptychon...
€ 29.99 *

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