SANDY System - Mast 350cm

SANDY System - Mast 350cm
[PP- Sandy Mast 350cm]

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In stock and ready to ship
In stock and ready to ship

SANDY System - Two Applications, One System

2 in 1: Sun Protection and Sandpit Cover
The sail shade system is individually adjustable in height. With the aid of the newly developed sandy patent handle it is now particularly easy and comfortable to adjust the height and inclination of the stretched sunsail. Regardless of the daytime and position of the sun, the shade can be adjusted individually with one flick of the wrist.
At the end of the day the sunsail is simply lowered and serves as perfect protection (against leaves, tree spores, branches, bird and cat excrements, etc.).

This galvanized mast comes with:
  • Comfortable and adjustable grip
  • Stainless steel carabiner 70 mm
  • Elastic strap rope 0.8 m
  • 2 washer and one plastic cover cap (Ø 48 mm)
  • Ground sleeve 85 cm
Dimensions: Ø 48 mm, Length 3.5 m

Sandy System

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