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Anbaurutsche Edelstahlrutsche Hangrutsche mit Ohren
TÜV tested

Anbaurutsche Edelstahlrutsche Hangrutsche mit Ohren

[RT7197-11090 1250 1500]

Stainless steel-chute to the additional building - kindergarten-useful -
with ears and pole - podium-height 1000mm - 1500mm
The chute is out of 2mm strong stainless steel (it is polished beamless). The tubes are out of 38x2mm strong stainless steel
(High polish-surface is polished beamless)
The breadth of the chute amounts to 500mm.
TÜV tested
Fixation: You simply embed the feet of the chute in concrete. Screws for the tower-fixation are not contained.
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