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Carousel for public playgrounds robust and weather-resistant EN1176

Carousel for public playgrounds robust and weather-resistant EN1176


  • rotating carousel for public playgrounds 
  • robust an weather-resistant 
  • for 4 children with an age of 4-14 years 
  • measure: Ø 1400 x 710 cm

During rotating kids train their sense of seeing and their sense of balance. Playing on the playground is encouraging the children in different ways and is part of schooling the motoric and mental skills. 
Playing together is inspiring the fantasy and strengthen the social competence. 
The carousel is suitable for 4 children with an age of 4-14 years and is usable as single installation but also as an adaption for big playgrounds. 
The carousel is conform with the DIN-standard EN 1176-6:2008 und EN 1176-1:2008 for public playgrounds. 


The carousel has a anti-slippering-floor out of HPL (Das Karussell verfügt über einen Anti-Rutsch-Boden aus HPL (high pressure laminated foil).
HPL is characterized by the high resistance againstt weather-conditions and scratches but also abrasion-resistance and resistance to staining. 
It is also very easy to clean and is very resistant against heat and fire. 
HPL can be engraved easily. 

One coating of rust protection paint and a coating out of acryl-polyurethane-emulsion are protecting the playground equipment. 

plastic items:
The plastic parts of the carousel consist out of: plyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide and rubber. 

metal pieces:
The metal pieces of the carpusel consist out of galvanised and painted construction and stainless steel (S-235, AISI-304 oder AISI-316). The tubes of carousel consist out of galavanised, painted construction steel (S-235).

connectors and screwing: 
The connectors of the carousel consist out of construction steel (S-235), stainless steel (AISI-304) and out of galvanised and painted steel. 
The connectors and screwing are conform with the standards 8,8 DIN 267, AISI-304 bzw. AISI-316.

installation: only on soft (topsoil) ground
aivailability of spare parts: 10 years 

impact surface: The floor covering (fall protection) and the the security environment need to be conform with the standard Norm DIN EN 1176:2008 which the playground operator has to guarantee. 

Ø 140cm x 71cm

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