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Chikldren lawnmower with blubber bubbles soap machine

Chikldren lawnmower with blubber bubbles soap machine


Pushing - pulling - sliding

With this toy lawnmower the care of the lawn is becoming a child's play for your kids. At the same time they create a lot of colorful bubbles which make your child happy and encourage to push and move the little lawnmower.

  • battery mode mechanism creates many nice and different soap bubbles in different sizes which come out of the front of the lawnmower during pushing
  • set includes next to the lawnmower a starter set with 118 ml of soap fluid so your child can create wonderful bubbles right after the filling in of the soap (the create of the soap bubbles takes place automatically, a small fan in the upper part of the case is creating a air flow which is pointed on the 8 rings, because of the turning move of the lawnmower the rings are getting into the soap fluid automatically and afterwards the air flow is pushing these up, because of a small jet the air flow is blown in front of the rings and creates the soap bubbles) 
  • the battery mode mechanism is activated by a button on the lawnmower case

Connected to the back wheels are insignificant flaps which create the characterical lawning noise during turning the wheels. The lawnmower can be easily pushed by the strong and wide grab and your child can move it in all directions. The colorful pieces are catching the interest of the children which is encouraging them to play outside.


Age recommendation: from 3 years
Power supply: 3x batteries AA 1,5V (not included to the scope of supply)

Measures (L/W/H):  26 x 51 x 49 cm

Included to the scope of supply:

  • lawnmower (toy)
  • soap fluid 118 ml



Warnings EU Regulation:
Attention: In unmounted condition not suited for children younger than 3 years.
Small parts can be swallow.
Only using under adults watch.
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