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Child play island with climbing ladder, bench and barriers for public areas EN1176

Child play island with climbing ladder, bench and barriers for public areas EN1176


POLES, METAL: We use a diversity of metal connections which are resistant against corrosion, abrasion and vandalism inlcuding rust-free steel. anodized aluminium, iron with electrolytic galvanizing and powder-coating but also galvanized steel. 

PANELS, HDPE: Polyethylene with high density. Because of its light, elastical nature it offers a high impact strength and therefore it is hard to break. The uniformity of the colors in in both edges and sites gives a continously even surface. Its synthetic base prevents the occurance of bacteria, fungi and braids. 

WOOD: Birch plywood on both sites covered with phenolic foil. The upper site has a raw wire mesh to secure the non-slip surface. The wire mesh surface has a high wear resistance and non-slip-resistance, the surface is weather-resistant and waterproof and is resistant against the typical chemicals. Furthermore this product is environment-friendly. The carbolic acid is pressed-on the surface and consists out of base paper which is impregnated with phenolic resin. The ultraviolet-resistant coat is impregnated with a special thermosetted mixture of resins.  
Plastic parts: polyethylene.
Metal parts: Galvanized and varnished S-235, steel AISI-304.
Connections: stainless steel AISI-304.
Color: 1 layer of dust varnish out of polyester resin, hardener and color pigments. Free of lead and high resistance against weather-influences.  

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