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Children's lawn mower with bubble-blow soap machine

Children's lawn mower with bubble-blow soap machine


With the toy lawnmower, your child's lawn care becomes child's play. At the same time, the countless colorful soap bubbles put a smile on the children's face and encourage them to push and move the funny little lawnmower.
  • for children from 3 years ... push - pull and also slide
  • The battery-operated mechanism creates lots of beautiful soap bubbles of different sizes, which are released from the front of the lawnmower when pushed.
  • In addition to the lawnmower, the set contains a starter set with 118ml soap bubble liquid, after filling it your child can play with it immediately and create the funny bubbles. (The soap bubbles are generated automatically. A small fan in the upper part of the housing generates a stream of air which is directed at the total of 8 rings. By rotating the lawnmower, the rings are automatically immersed in a container that contains the soap bubble liquid and then lifted back into the air flow. The air flow is blown through a small nozzle in front of the rings, so they constantly create soap bubbles. The battery-operated mechanism is activated via a button on the lawnmower housing.)

Thin, inconspicuous tabs were attached to the rear wheels, which generate characteristic mowing noises when the wheels are turned. With the wide and sturdy handle, your child can push the lawn mower effortlessly and guide it in all directions. The bright colors of all parts attract the children's attention, this encourages them to play outdoors and in the fresh air.
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