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Extra Strong Baby & Toddler Swing Set

Extra Strong Baby & Toddler Swing Set


Toddler Swing Frame with Growable Tiger Swing Seat

This sturdy Swing Set is made of larch wood and includes:
  • Wooden Swing Frame
  • Growable Tiger Swing Seat with Safety Belt, removable T-bar and adjustable/ removable Backrest
  • Swing joints, swing frame corners and necessary hardware

Height: ca. 1.70 m
Ridgepole: Ø 12 cm, Length: 1.50 m
Poles: Ø 10 cm, Length 2.00 m

Arrives knocked down and requires assembly.
Swing frame corners must be assembled to the timber poles.
All screws included for building your swing frame.
Please note: High dead weight of swing frame. No anchorage necessary to the ground.

Recommended Accessories:
Playground Sand
Environmental Friendly Lasur Paint

Product information
Larch wood is well known for its sturdiness and longevity.
However, timber is a natural product and 'shakes' (cracks & splits) are natural features of any timber and will vary in size, expanding and contracting, depending on ambient temperature and humidity.
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