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FENOKEE almost maintenance-free swing frame double seated swing with 2 toddler seats EN1176

FENOKEE almost maintenance-free swing frame double seated swing with 2 toddler seats EN1176


  • double seated swing for public playgrounds, schoolyards, kindergartens 
  • robust and weather-resistant 
  • conform to the DIN-standards EN 1176-6:2008 und EN 1176-1:2008 for public playgrounds
  • for 2 children with an age inbetween 1-14 years 
  • measure: W 361 x D 187 x H 216 cm

This double swing satisfied with its round shape. This easy and still special design is getting this strong double swing out of metal to a safe and nice-looking playground equipment. When swinging the kids can practice their body balance and sense of rhythm. This double swing is the prefect enrichment for all public playgrounds and kindergartens or schools.  
The swing has a classical board-swing-seat for bigger kids with an age up to 14 years and a baby-swing-seat with a limitation for toddler from 1 year. 
The double swing is conform with the DIN-standards EN 1176-6:2008 and EN 1176-1:2008 for public playgrounds. 
Doppelsitzschaukel mit Kleinkindschaukelsitz Maße Nahezu wartungsfreies Schaukelgestell mit Kleinkindschaukelsitz auf einem Spielplatz

metal pieces: There is used a variety of metal connections for the playground equipments and the accessories. All metal connections are protected against corrosion, abrasion and vandalism. Used metal connections for double swing are: galvanised and powder-coated steel. 

varnish: A powder-coating with varnish consisting out of a mix of polyester resin, hardener and color pigments. The powder-coating is lead-free and has a high weather-resistance. 

chains: The chains of the double swing consist out of stainless steel parts (AISI-304). The connectors and screwing consist of stainless steel (AISI-304) and are conform with the standards of 8,8 DIN 267, AISI-304 bzw. AISI-316. 

installation: only on soft ground (topsoil)

availability of spare parts: 10 years

impact surface: The floor covering (fall protection) and the security environment need to be conform with the standard Norm DIN EN 1176:2008 which the playground operator has to guarantee. 

Measure: 361,1cm x 187,2cm x 216,8cm

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