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FENOKEE spring-bouncer for 4 kids

FENOKEE spring-bouncer for 4 kids


  • The colorful spring-bouncer KANGOROO is an enrichment for every playground in public areas. 
  • for children with an age inbetween 2-6 years 
  • conform with the DIN-standard of EN 1176-6:2008 and EN 1176-1:2008 for public playgrounds
  • installation only on soft ground (topsoil) 
  • measure: 90cm x 90cm x 61,5cm

Federwippe für 4 Kinder Maße  Federwipptier für 4 Kinder auf einem Spielplatz

The colorful spring-bouncer FLOWER in the colors of blue, yellow and red is an real enrichment on all playgrounds in public areas. Up to 4 children may play together on the spring-bouncer to train their physical forces. 
Because of the social communication the kids practice to become more social and to reinforce their fantasy. 
The springer-bouncer FLOWER is suitable for children with an age inbetween 2-6 years and therefore it is a good adaption to every playground in kindergarten or public playgrounds. 
The qud-spring-bouncer FLOWER is conform with the standards DIN-Normen EN 1176-6:2008 and EN 1176-1:2008 for public playgrounds.


The surfaces of the qud-spring-bouncer FLOWER consists out of 1,8 cm strong polyethylene (HDPE). This synthetic material with a high density is characterized by its resistance against chemical abrasive material and non-interference by corrosion. The polymer is because of its elastic nature very shock-resistant and hard to break. The uniformity of the colors on the surfaces and the borders gives the playground equipment a attractive look. The synthetic base of the material is getting it resistant against lichens, bacteria and fungi.  

The metall pieces of the spring-bouncer FLOWER consist out of construction steel (S-235), stainless steel (AISI-304) and out of anodized aluminium, which is conform to the standards of EN AW 6063-0 and EN AW 5754-H111. 

The connections and screwings are conform with the standards 8,8 DIN 267, AISI-304 bzw. AISI-316.

Installation: only on soft (fertile soil) ground 
Availability spare parts: 10 years

Impact surface: The floor covering (fall protection) and the secure environment have to be quaranteed by the standard of DIN EN 1176:2008 by the playground operator. 

Measure: 90cm x 90cm x 61,5cm

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