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FENOKEE spring-bouncer star spring animal EN1176

FENOKEE spring-bouncer star spring animal EN1176


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  • The colorful spring-bouncer STAR is an enrichment for every playground in public areas. 
  • for children with an age inbetween 2-6 years 
  • conform with the DIN-standard of EN 1176-6:2008 and EN 1176-1:2008 for public playgrounds
  • installation only on soft ground (topsoil)
  • Measure: 76.3cm x 43.6cm x 86.3cm

The colorful spring-bouncer STAR is an enrichment for every playground in public areas. The nice animal shape with rounded edges is a welcome spot of color on all playgrounds because of its regular coloring.  
Side handles and footrests let the spring-bouncer STAR become to a playground equipment which can be used by smaller and also bigger children. Because of the seesaw movement the kids sense of balance is trained and their body coordination schooled.   
The spring-bouncer for one person is suitable for children with an age inbetween 2-6 years and therefore a perfect adaption to every playground in kindergarten or in public areas. 
The spring-bouncer STAR is conform with the standards DIN-Normen EN 1176-6:2008 and EN 1176-1:2008 for public playgrounds.

FENOKEE Federwippe Stern MaßeFENOKEE Federwippe Stern

The surfaces of the spring-bouncer STAR consists out of 1,8 cm strong polyethylene (HDPE). This synthetic material with a high density is characterized by its resistance against chemical abrasive material and non-interference by corrosion. The polymer is because of its elastic nature very shock-resistant and hard to break. The uniformity of the colors on the surfaces and the borders gives the playground equipment a attractive look. The synthetic base of the material is getting it resistant against lichens, bacteria and fungi.  

The metall pieces of the spring-bouncer STAR consist out of construction steel (S-235), stainless steel (AISI-304) and out of anodized aluminium, which is conform to the standards of EN AW 6063-0 and EN AW 5754-H111. 

The connections and screwings are conform with the standards 8,8 DIN 267, AISI-304 bzw. AISI-316.

Installation: only on soft (fertile soil) ground 
Availability spare parts: 10 years

Impact surface: The floor covering (fall protection) and the secure environment have to be quaranteed by the standard of DIN EN 1176:2008 by the playground operator. 

Measure: 76.3cm x 43.6cm x 86.3cm
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