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Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate


Gift Card

Safe and comfortable away

Always give the correct: Those who can decide on the huge selection can not immediately, simply select the gifted his favorite articles. Deviates from the selected item value from the value of the voucher, the recipient can simply repay the value and use the remainder for further purchases.

It's this simple:
  • First Add to cart
  • Second in number, please enter your desired price
  • Third update
  • 4th Checkout-fill
  • 5th Select a payment method
  • 6th We ship after receipt of payment

Of course we also send your gift to the address you!

Offer and redeem:
  • First gift voucher
  • Second Desired item on the home page select
  • Third add to cart
  • 4th When selecting payment method "advance"
  • 5th In the comments section indicate the voucher number
  • 6th quit buying

The voucher is valid for one year from date of issue.
No cash alternative is available.

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