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Hinge tieback antique black steel hinges Shutter strap

Hinge tieback antique black steel hinges Shutter strap


hinge-black coated
This load ribbon with clamp bands are made of very high quality antique style made of sturdy steel. Because they are black coated, they do not rust and need not be further processed! This Klappladen bands are very suitable for hanging historic shutters because they act like the old door hardware and fit perfectly to the country house ambience.
We offer here a metal-made of the highest quality and made of really thick material in!
Material thickness 0.6 cm! - The build quality is absolutely excellent and superbly
. Dimensions Kloben:
Length 20 cm width x 6 cm, Lochdurchm: 1,0cm
Torband Dimensions:
Length 60 cm, width 4.2 cm
Material thickness 0.6 cm
hine hinges antique black
load ribbon hinge black coated steel