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Ladder golf Twist

Ladder golf Twist


Leader golf
the fun for every birthday U barbecue . . .
Leader golf, a quiff Outdoor game made of wood. The Bolas (rope with balls) must be thrown from a certain distance aim exactly around the colored bars. The more deeply the bar is met, one gets the more points.

  • For several players
  • 3 Bolas each in red and white
  • Made of nature wood
  • Bars painted in green, blue, yellow
  • Children as of 6 years

Ladder golf
Warning notice: Respect !!!
Dieser article isn't suitable for children less than 3 years. Small portions can be swallowed by children. For the domestic use only! Please also follow the security alerts on the assembly instructions. Construction only of adults. Using only under supervision of adults. Packing isn't a toy
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