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Das neue Modell Starter ist das Einsteigermodell in die Schaukelwelt und bietet Schaukelspaß für die Kleinen.

Heim & Freizeit Modell für den heimischen Garten oder privaten Wohnbereich

On the swings – ready – go! A multi-child swing is the ultimate playtime equipment that will get the whole family swinging. It is an ideal sleeping aid for little ones, a favourite place for older kids to play about and somewhere for the grown-ups to hang out: a relaxation oasis, play paradise and chill-out lounge in one!

A Multi-child swing can be used in many ways: go wild alone or with friends, have swinging fun with parents, or simply just cuddle, read and dream. The Multi-child Swing is also unbeatable as a sleeping aid for very small children.Kids with physical disabilities also love our swing: It provides variety, enough room for exercise sessions and is also a place for relaxation.