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Moveandstic Pool
Made in Germany

Moveandstic Pool


The Moveandstic Pool is a durable pool for kids. Children love to play, splash and paddle in water for hours. Mostly a wet and funny activity.
This paddling pool is perfect for hot summer days to cool down children.

Thanks to the Moveandstic construction kit system the tubes can be assembled with other Moveandstic parts at any time. With an additional kit such as the Moveandstic Easy, it is also possible to build a slide directly into the pool.

  • Pool inside: L155 x B115 x H45 cm
  • Pool outside: L205 x B125 x H45 cm

The Moveandstic Pool construction kit contains:
  • 2 x 4 way connector, black
  • 12 x 3 way connector, black
  • 8 x 3 way T connector, black
  • 2 x 2 way elbow connector 90°, black
  • 29 x tube 35 cm, blue, green, yellow, red assorted
  • 8 x tube 75 cm, blue, green, yellow, red assorted
  • 1 x panel 40 x 40 cm, blue
  • 5 x panel clips, black
  • 80 x tube clips blue, green, yellow, red assorted
  • 1 x pool liner 125 x 165 x 45 cm
  • 1 x pool drain plug
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