The newest parts for Moveandstic:
Step, Door, Window, Roof and Crawling Tube.

Extend your models by features in a way not possible before.
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Moveandstic Crawl-Tube
The crawl tube can be installed horizontally either to the right or the left. Furthermore, it can be connect two platforms on the structure with a height difference.
79.95 €*
Moveandstic Door
Build beautiful constructions with these doors or together with windows, roofs, crawling tubes and steps that you can find in our assortment. The door is UV res...
17.00 €*
Moveandstic Toy Roof, red
You may fix the Moveandstic roof at any place on the structure. You just need an area of 85 x 85 cm. Build a cosy place with the 40 cm high roof. The roof is a ...
64.00 €*
Moveandstic Step
Build beautiful constructions with these steps or together with doors, windows, roofs and crawling tubes that you can find in our assortment. The step is UV res...
24.00 €*

4.99 €*

35.00 €*
Moveandstic panel 20 x 40 cm, orange
This security panel 20 x 40 cm can be used in many different ways. Good to know that this panel has a kind of hinge. If you bend the part (do not cut it) to the...
3.99 €*

18.50 €*
Moveandstic aluminium bar 75 cm
Our aluminium profile (length: 75cm) is fitted into tubes that are exposed to strong pressure, to prevent bending and cracking. Special-sizes are available on r...
10.00 €*
1 to 10 (von 26 products)