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Painting by numbers 609260751 Cherry blossom in Japan Triptych 50x80cm

Painting by numbers 609260751 Cherry blossom in Japan Triptych 50x80cm

[MNZ9260 751]

Cherry blooming in Japan
The motif:
Cherry blooming in Japan is a special celebration every year. When hundreds of thousands of those delicate blossoms bloom and drape a dream of pink around the whole country, people are delighted and go for a pick-nick under this pink roof or on a pilgrimage to their holy mountain called Fujiyama to enjoy the flourishing of nature. “Cherry Blooming in Japan” is a special highlight of nature and a welcome motif for the ambitioned hobby painter.

The Picture format and painting template:
“MASTERPIECE Triptych”. A triptych is a picture composed of three individual paintings. The picture in the center is sized 40 x 50 cm, the pictures on the left and right side are sized 20 x 50 cm. The painting templates have a visible and palpable canvas structure. Due to this feature, the finished painting’s appearance is not only essentially enhanced but it also emphasizes the artistic character of the paintings by supporting the desired “oil on canvas” effect.

Contents of the box:
3 rigid painting cardboards with canvas structure finish. Picture in the center measures 40 x 50 cm, pictures on both sides measure 20 x 50 cm each. Precise pre-printed contours with well legible numbers. Water-based acrylic paints. Ready-to-paint pre-mixed colors. Brush with fine tip. Control template and detailed instructions for successful results.
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