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park bench RODA for public areas f.e. municipal institutions

park bench RODA for public areas f.e. municipal institutions


The bench RODA is like a classical park bench 

On a cast-iron frame there are 10 tropical wooden strips (FSC certificated wood) with the measure of 5,2 cm x 4 cm connected. 

The seating area of the bench is stabilised with 3 stainless steel traverse. 

The cast-iron legs of the bench RODA were powder-coated with epoxy resin after a primer and that's why the bench became the black color. 

The wood was treated with insecticides and fungicides to protect the bench against external influences. 

A coat with waterproofed color in the shade of Mahagoni and the wood is having a really elegant look. 

The frame of the bench is including the ends of the wooden strips and that's why it is protected especiaally against rain and snow. 

The bench RODA is long living and weather resistant because of its processing and used materials. 

Because of the pre-screwed holes the feet can be connected to the ground to safe the bench against vandalism. 

The bench RODA is suitable for public places in towns, park areas and of course playgrounds in public areas. 

Measure: 199,5cm x 62cm x 75cm x 41,5cm

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