Play Kitchens & Shops

Play Kitchens & Shops

Wooden and electronic play kitchens, grocery stores & pretend play shop accessories for toddlers, preschoolers and early grade-school children.
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Cooking like the adults

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Kitchen Accessories
Child's kitchen with light, sound and stream for girls and boys, set contains 42 pieces (turquoise, orange, creme)
With this play kitchen eventhough the kids kann cook like the adults. The stable play kitchen consists out of synthetic and is suitable for junior gourmet cooks with an age of 3 years.
33.49 €*
TikTakToo 16 pieces child's cooking dishes, puppet dishes, puppet kitchen, pot set, black, silver
16 pieces: pot set, great kitchen set consisting out of robust synthetic and can easily cleaned up.
10.49 €*