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Playpen MAGNUS - blue / gray / white

Playpen MAGNUS - blue / gray / white


Playpen MAGNUS - blue / gray / white

The playpen for children is made of sturdy plastic. It is solidly processed and the individual elements are elegantly rounded without sharp edges.
The playpen stands on suction cups, which ensure a better grip on tiles, parquet or laminate.
The door can only be opened from the outside, so you can be sure that if you are not 100% there, the children are safe.

When filled with balls, your child will like it even more and the fun in the ball pit can begin.

A gear wheel, a horn and a sound-light element in the head section offer the kids additional play options.

If you have tiles or other cooler floors without heating, we recommend laying out the playpen in EVA playmats - these are easy to clean, soft and warmer.

ATTENTION: please remove the music-sound-light element in damp / wet weather - a warranty claim is void in case of failure and the resulting defect.

Ensure safety and use the playpen to protect your child from danger. The barrier is perfect for securing danger spots. For example, you can put your child in the playpen while you cook or do other household chores so that you can always keep an eye on the children and still do other things.

The crawling gate in a child-friendly design is also popular with older children: They use the playpen imaginatively in their play!

When it comes to baby products, SAFETY is very important to us! Our baby playpens meet the latest EU safety standards according to EN 71. 18 elements


  • Overall dimensions: 229 x 148 x 62 cm (LxWxH) - maximum - by using fewer parts, a smaller assembly dimension is possible
  • Dimensions of door and side elements: 74 x 62 cm (WxH) Dimensions of small elements: 38 x 62 cm (WxH) Anti-slip pads on all elements
  • Processing with rounded elements without sharp edges. Flexible and very simple structure

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