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PLUS health element Plus-Waist black

PLUS health element Plus-Waist black


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  • TAILLE health element as a supplement to public playgrounds or fitness trails
  • Promotes agility and flexibility in younger and older people
  • Complies with DIN standards EN 1176-6: 2008 and EN 1176-1: 2008 for public playgrounds
  • For up to 3 people from 12 years
  • Dimensions: 132.9cm x 149.2cm x 125.6cm

As the name suggests, the health element TAILLE trains the waist.
Up to 3 people aged 12 and over can train on the TAILLE health element.
While holding onto the round handle in the middle, you turn your body back and forth on the turntable. Keep your balance and not let go of the grip. Here the waist and back muscles are trained and tension in the areas mentioned is released. Robust and high-quality materials such as rust-free stainless steel make the health element a long-lasting, low-maintenance and weather-resistant generation playground device.
The TAILLE health element is well suited as a supplement to public generation playgrounds or children's playgrounds in public areas where parents and grandparents can also spend an interesting time with their children and grandchildren.
The health element TAILLE promotes the agility and flexibility of younger and older people and is therefore an enrichment for every playground and generation playground in the public sector.
The TAILLE health element complies with DIN standards EN 1176-6: 2008 and EN 1176-1: 2008 for public playgrounds.


A large number of metal compounds are used for production. What all metal connections have in common is that they are protected against corrosion, wear and tear and vandalism.
Metal compounds used are: stainless steel, anodized aluminum, iron with galvanic zinc plating and powder coating as well as hot-dip galvanized steel.

Lacquer: Powder coating with lacquer made from a mixture of polyester resin, hardener and color pigments. It is lead-free and has a high weather resistance.

Installation: only on soft (topsoil) ground. Spare parts availability: 10 years.

Impact area: The floor covering (fall protection) and the safety environment must be guaranteed by the playground operator in accordance with the DIN EN 1176: 2008 standard.

Dimensions: 132.9cm x 149.2cm x 125.6cm