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Sand box KAMI 2m x 0,30m for public areas with seating boards EN1176

Sand box KAMI 2m x 0,30m for public areas with seating boards EN1176


  • sand box for public playgrounds and kindergarten 
  • strong and weather-resistant 
  • measure: 200 x 200 x 30 cm

During playing in the sandbox kids train their fantasy and creativity. The haptical experience of the sand supports also the body awareness and motoric skills.  

Playing on the playground supports children in different ways and is part of train motoric and mental skills. 
The green side surfaces serve as a counter during playing or as seating board. 
Playing together is encouraging the fantasy and strengthen the social competences.

The sand box KAMI is suitable for 8 children with an age in between 1-10 years and an enrichment for every playground in public areas or on outdoor areas of schools, kindergarten and crèche. 
The sand box KAMI is conform the standards EN 1176-6:2008 and EN 1176-1:2008 for public playgrounds. 


For the construction of the sand box KAMI is used scandinavian softwood. 
This wood perfect suitable because of its low crack formation and offers the guarantee of stability. 
The softwood is pressure-proofed and therefore it is long-living and also protected against consistently ground contact and constant weather effects against damaging fungal attack and protected. 
Therefore it is suitable for the unlimited outdoor area. 

The surfaces of the sand box KAMI consists out of HDPE. 
HDPE is a polymere out of polyethylene with high resin which is resistant against chemical abrasion material and uneffected of corrosion is.
HDPE is especially flexible and elastic and therefore it has a high resistance and is hard to break. 
The uniformity of the color on the surfaces and edges of the subjects is giving a regular surface. 
The synthetic base of HDPE prevents the establishment of bacteria, fungi and lichens. 

The plastic elements of the sand box KAMI consists out of: colored HDPE, PP, PEAD and LDPE. 

Connections and screwings:
The connections of the sand box KAMI consists out of constructions steel (S-235), stainless steel (AISI-304) and out of galvanized and varnished steel.
The connections and screwings are conform with the standards of 8,8 DIN 267, AISI-304 bzw. AISI-316.

Installation: only on soft ground (topsoil)
Availability of spare parts: 10 years 

Impact surface: The flooring (fall protection) and the security environment need to be conform the standards EN 1176:2008 by the playground operator. 

200cm x 200cm x 30cm

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