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Sandbox Play Sand 100kg

Sandbox Play Sand 100kg


s tuned to excellent formability without any hardening tendency.
Spieland brings a lot of fun even in small play corners or sandboxes.

You live in the city and do not know where to get the sand for your sandpit or sand shell?
With us! The handy 25 kg bags allow the sand to be carried well.
  • Delivery: 4 bags per 25 kg
  • PH value tested
  • without dyes and additives
  • in a PE bag
  • Hand damp immediately ready for use
  • Basic price / kg 0,14 €

Required sand amount in kg:

Square sandpit: (inside length cm x inside width cm x filling height cm x 1.6) / 1000
Hexagonal / round sandbox: (inside diameter cm / 2) ² x filling height cm x 3.14 x 1.6 / 1000
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