Sandboxes & Accessories

Sandboxes & Accessories

All about sandboxes:
Sandpits, covers, fleece, toys and playsand.
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Wooden sandboxes and sandpits for backyards and playgrounds.

Sand for playgrounds and sandpits

Weed Protection Geotexlile for Sandboxes and Playground Equipment. Helps to prevent weed and grass from growing into your sandbox.

Sandbox covers to protect your sandpit from rain and leaves.

Stainless steel accessories for playground structures with sandpits like sand & water mills and buckets.
sand playing toy 11-pieces sand box with a lot of accessories
Colorful 2 in 1 sand box is usable for garden, beach or even the balcony.
38.49 €*
Sand and water playing table with accessory
Comfortable splashing, digging and forming with sand & water playing table.
23.49 €*