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SANDY-System - Oblong Sailcloth Austronet 940

SANDY-System - Oblong Sailcloth Austronet 940

[PP-Sandy 940 Segeltuch]

SANDY System - Two Applications, One System

2 in 1: Sun Protection and Sandpit Cover
The sail shade system is individually adjustable in height. With the aid of the newly developed sandy patent handle it is now particularly easy and comfortable to adjust the height and inclination of the stretched sunsail. Regardless of the daytime and position of the sun, the shade can be adjusted individually with one flick of the wrist.
At the end of the day the sunsail is simply lowered and serves as perfect protection (against leaves, tree spores, branches, bird and cat excrements, etc.).

Price applies to 1 square metre oblong Austronet 940 sailcloth
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Austronet distinguishes itself by its practical every day suitability and is because of that perfect as sunsail in constant installation in any wind and weather condition. Austronet is wind permeable and ensures a very pleasant climate – like in the shade of a tree. It is uv resistant (5 years guarantee) and has a relatively light net weight with a very high shadowing value. Austronet is really easy to take care of and clean. If the sail is rolled up when wet there is no moulding. Even aggressive bird excrement or typical discoloration from tree sprees have no influence on the quality and look. Soliday rollup sunsail made of Austronet folds nearly crease-free. Austronet also shows good characteristics in the rain. There are no water bumps (water that accumulates and cannot run off) If the sail is mounted with an inclination of over 25° the Austronet sailcloth is even nearly waterproof.
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