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Set of 2 fall protection mats rubber mats red/ brown

Set of 2 fall protection mats rubber mats red/ brown


Fall protection mats for a falling height up to 0,90 metres out of rubber as impact insulating surface.  

Suitable for private playgrounds, as side walk mats, lawn edges, dog kettle mats, etc.
Extremely weather resistant. 
This set contains 4 mats = 1 m²

Measuring: 500 x 500 mm
Strength: 25 mm
Dimensional deviation of /- 5% possible
Color: red/ brown

Price per m² 33,69 €

The upper part consists out of colored rubber, the lower side is out of black rubber. Easy cleaning for example with a high-pressure cleaner. 

  • sound-absorbing, isolated effect! 
  • permeable of water, quickly drying, anti-slippery against wetness! 
  • durable, resilient, long lifetime, maintenance-free! 
  • minimization of injury risks and breakages! 
  • only suitable for the outdoor area!
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