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Swing connector for logs Ø 100/80 mm

Swing connector for logs Ø 100/80 mm


With the swing connector you can easily build your own wooden swing frame.

The round wood swing beam (Ø 100 mm) and the posts (Ø 80 mm) are securely and stably connected with the swing connector.

Made of hot-dip galvanized steel tube, sheet thickness approx. 2.5 mm
Angle of the posts 60 ° to the front / back
Angle of the post to the swing beam 90 °
for swing beam Ø 100 mm
for swing post Ø 80 mm
Drill holes for fastening Ø 8 mm
Length of the pipes 200 mm
Weatherproof, for permanent outdoor installation
Connector without screws, without fastening material