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swing frame double seated swing with 2 toddler seats EN1176

swing frame double seated swing with 2 toddler seats EN1176


  • galvanised double-swing RED-BLUE for public playgrounds or kindergartens 
  • robust and low-maintenance 
  • conform with the DIN-standard EN 1176-6:2008 und EN 1176-1:2008 for public playgrounds
  • installation only on soft ground (topsoil) 
  • measure: 376cm x 202cm x 220cm

With the double swing RED-BLUE eventhough the youngest are able to have a race during swinging. The double swing has a attractive design because of the colorful attachments on the varnished swing frame which consists out of metal and also the shiny middle bar. The used, free-maintenance and robust materials change the galvanised double swing into the perfect playground equipment for public areas.  
The double swing has two baby swing seats with a limit for toddler from 1 year. The double swing is conform with the DIN-standard EN 1176-6:2008 und EN 1176-1:2008

The seat shalls of the double-swing RED-BLUE consist out of polyethylene (HDPE). This synthetic with a high density is characterized by its resistance against chemical abrasive material and non-interference because of corrosion. The polymere is very shock-resistant and hard to break because of its elastical nature. The uniformity of the colors on the surfaces and borders is giving the seat shall a attractive look.  
The synthetic base of the material is getting it resistant against plaits, bacteria and fungi. 

The metal pieces like the swing frame of the double swing RED-BLUE consist of galvanised and varnished construction steel (S-235).

The chains of the double swing RED-BLUE are produced out of straight and rust-free stainless steel parts (AISI 316). 
The connectors and screwings of the double-swing RED-BLUE consist of rust-free steel (AISI-304) and are conform with the standard 8,8 DIN 267.

installation: only on soft ground (topsoil) 

availability of spare parts: 10 years
impact surface: The floor covering (fall protection) and the security environment need to be conform with the standard Norm DIN EN 1176:2008 which the playground operator has to guarantee. 

measure: 376cm x 202cm x 220cm

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