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turquoise water shell with 100 colored balls

turquoise water shell with 100 colored balls


Sand and water mussels, 1-piece including 100 colorful balls

With the sand and water mussel, parents fulfill both wishes at the same time. Water and sand - every time it's a little vacation on the beach! Nice stable and massive quality.
Or you can use a ball pit to create a play area where children can crawl, crawl, roll around between colorful balls or just lie down and relax.
  • Dimensions: approx. L 87 x W approx. 77 x H approx. 19 cm
  • Age recommendation: 1 to 6 years (max. 20 kg)
  • Delivery takes place without sand or water ;-)

Information about the balls:
  • With a diameter of 7 cm, children can grip the ball pool balls perfectly, but not swallow them.
  • The game balls are odorless.
  • Tested quality with certificates: games and fun without harmful substances! The pool balls made of high-quality PE plastic are continuously checked - without any health risk.
  • No risk of injury: the colorful children's balls are durable and stable. After compression, they always return to their shape.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors: ball pool, bouncy castle, sandpit - the plastic balls are light, very durable and do not stain. No hard seams - 100% safe!
  • For children from the age of zero: but also for adults

ONE PIECE! If you want to close the water mussel or sand mussel, please buy this item twice.
Please note that the mussels do not close 100% when they are closed

Safety instructions:

Use under the direct supervision of adults
Always let children play under supervision
when used as a pool: empty the water when not in use
Children can drown at low water levels
for household use only
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