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Vario multi-climbing device

Vario multi-climbing device


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Vario multi-climbing device

Climbing frame for children

Construction kit for play frame made of larch wood (Ø 10 and 12 cm) with horizontal bar, climbing net, climbing wall and gymnastic rings. You can adjust the height of the bar yourself exactly according to the size of your children.

Dimensions: L 280 x W 290 x H 200 cm

Included in the delivery are:
  • 3x round wooden palisade Ø12cm 200cm, untreated larch wood
  • 3x round wooden palisade Ø10cm 200cm, untreated larch wood
  • 2x round wooden palisade Ø10cm 125cm, untreated larch wood
  • 1x round wooden palisade Ø12cm 135cm, untreated larch wood
  • 1x round wooden palisade Ø12cm 140cm, untreated larch wood
  • 1x round wooden palisade Ø10cm 140cm, untreated larch wood
  • 12x planks 2.8x12.5x145cm, untreated larch wood
  • 1x climbing net 150x200cm,
  • 5x horizontal bar,
  • 12x climbing stones,
  • 2x gymnastic rings,
  • 6x impact ground sockets,
  • Fastening material

Warning notices according to EU regulation:
For home use only.
Not suitable for children under three years of age.
Use under the direct supervision of adults.