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Garden set for children with wheelbarrow 7 pieces

Garden set for children with wheelbarrow 7 pieces


Today I am going to help mom and dad in the garden! 

With this nice gardening toy the kids are able to work like mom and da in the garden and help. The 7-pieces-gadening-set inlcudes all important equipment for a good gardening work and offers a lot of fun - also in the sand box. 

  • consists out of high-quality plastic and is fabricated very neat and robust 
  • Scope of suply: 7 pieces garden set kids includes:
    • 1x wheelbarrow for children (ca. 75x 40x 29 cm),
    • 1x watering can,
    • 1x rake,
    • 1x spade,
    • 1x garden fork,
    • 1x hand shovel,
    • 1x gardening gloves

Warnings EU Regulation:
Attention: In unmounted condition not suited for children younger than 3 years.
Small parts can be swallow.
Only using under adults watch.
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