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The apple-green slide will henceforth be delivered in modern grey.


Moveandstic Profi Moveandstic Pool Moveandstic model

The flexible move and stic construction kits offer playing fun for the whole family. move and stic construction kits are modular and therefore the articles are compatible with each other. You will start with a starter kit and will expand the system in varied ways and more construction kits. 

Moveandstic BasicFor demanding constructions each piece can be bought single. A big selection of useful accessories like slides, pool, fun house, roof or play balls will raise the playing value. 

Sub categories

With Moveandstic construction kits you step into the great world of the constructive and creative building. Profi, Junior, Starter, Basic and Easy.

The newest single parts of the Moveandstic universum: stairs, doors, windows, roof and crawling tubes.

Moveandstic single parts and accessories by TikTakToo. Coupling, panels, tubes, slides, securities - everything of the Moveandstic assortment you will find here.

The Moveandstic ball centre is special constructed to be filled with balls.

The Moveandstic pool is a strong paddling pool for kids.

Moveandstic sets for toddlers with toddler slides and baby play gates.

Medium sized playing area by Moveandstic. Climbing/ playing tower middle sized with slides, crawling tubes etc.

Large play systems from Moveandstic at TikTakToo. Big climbing towers with slides, pools etc.

Kid's furniture built by Moveandstic out of tubes and panels. Those can be rebuilt or combined with other constructions kits.

Moveandstic play houses by TikTakToo.
Champion- and climbing podium Chris red/ green
Multi functional used model Chris by Moveandstic. Measure: 125 x 45 x 55 cm.
79.07 €*
Move and Stic play & climbing tower LUNA - play corner Luna - multicolor
LUNA play corner for toddlers with different levels for climbing and playing - fun for indoors and outdoors.
194.21 €*
Move and Stic - Castle LIAH multicolor
Move and Stic castle LIAH with various options for encouraging your child's creativity. Dimensions: 214 x 205 x 274 cm.
913.99 €*
Move and Stic - Play castle Kinderland multicolor
Play castle Kinderland from Move and Stic with different levels, castle tower and slide. Climbing, crawling and romping for your home. Dimensions: 245 x 254 x 254 cm.
1,409.00 €*
Move and Stic - Shelf LEAH benetton
A great shelf that not only offers storage space, but is also an eye-catcher with its great design. Dimensions: 45 x 64 x 194 cm.
172.91 €*