Playground & Accessories

Playground & Accessories

If used for playgrounds, kindergartens or in the home garden, here you will find many accessories from sand box to sand to the cover in a certified quality.

But also the spring animals to happily use the rocker, the pool for a fresh bath in the cool water and the play landscapes on which the kids can climb and play like the big ones.

Our diverse offers for outdoor almost fulfill every wish.

DOUBLE Spielplatz Set
LoggyLand playground series
Sub categories

Swings for the playground and garden. Trapezes, rings, swing seats and swing accessories like stainless steel chains, swing joints and timbers. Bird nest swing, toddler and baby swing.

Long living playground rope towers and climbing pyramids for private and public playgrounds. With steel poles and high quality ropes. Proved by TÜV (DIN EN1176).

Here you will find our play houses. With and without a terrace - just an eye-catcher in your garden. The children will love it during playing.

Child rocker, rocker out of larch wood and carousel for the playground, the kindergarten but aso for the playing fun at home.

Spring animals and spring rockers are part of the favorite play equipments on the playgrounds. These are available for one or more children.

Children have fun to climb and to work to the top step by step. to find their way and maybe to jump off.

Slides for the playground and garden: stainless steel slides, GFK-slides, ladder slides, hanging slides, toddler's slide and additional slides.

Sand boxes & accessories: sand box covers, sand, weeds fleece and sand play toys.

Extraordinary, colorful play towers and playing facilities out of wood for small and big playgrounds.

Children playing landscape, play towers, fitness centre, balance- and gymnastic equipment for garden or playground.

Trampoline, balance bars and swinging ropes offer the training of coordination and fitness. Table tennis and beach volleyball areas are highlights in every park or on every playground.

Playground cableway set & accessories: pendulum seat, cableway cart, ropes in different length, brake spring and rope tensioner. Certified by TÜV.

Balls für the ball pool, bouncy castles or kid's birthdays in different colors and amount.

Fall protection mats for playgrounds for the minimization of the risk of injury. Environment-friendly, slip-resistant and shock-absorbing. Absorb impacts and noises and especially it protects children against injuries.
Move and stic railroad Tanja red/ blue/ green
Railroad with cab and many carts. Measure: 45 x 365 x 105 cm.
528.99 €*