Playground & Accessories

Playground & Accessories

Playground equipment & accessories: swings, seesaws, merry-go-rounds, spring-rockers, slides, sandpits, rope towers, pyramids, playhouses, playground structures, paint, varnish, fitness, cableway, furniture sets, balls, safety-mats, awnings, roundwood beams & more
Sub categories

Swings for playgrounds and backyards. Bird's nest swings, toddlers and baby swings. Trapezoids, rings, swing seats and swing accessories like stainless steel chains, swing joints and post shoes.

Long-lasting playground-rope towers and climbing pyramids for private andpublic playgrounds. With steel post and high-quality ropes. Safety tested.

Colourful plastic playhouses. Durable indoor and outdoor playhouses.

Seesaws & Merry-Go-Rounds for backyards and playgrounds.

Federtiere und Federwippen gehören zu den beliebtesten Spielgeräten auf den Spielplätzen. Es gibt sie für ein Kind und für mehrere Kinder.

Children have fun, high to climb out, piece by piece to work your way to the top, to find their way and perhaps even dare to jump.

Slides for playgrounds and backyards: Stainless Steel Slides, GFK-Slides, Ladder Slides, Hillside Slides, Toddler Slides and Attachment Slides.

Sandboxes and sandpit accessories: covers, fleece, toys and playsand

High-quality play towers and playground structures for every playground size.

Children play structures, play towers, fitness centres, balance and gymnastic equipment for the backyards or playgrounds

Fitness equipment and accessoires like trampolines, balance beams, swing ropes, table tennis and beachvolleyball equipment.

Cableways for playgrounds. Seats for cableways, ropes in different sizes, brake springs and rope winder including approval by German Boiler Code.

Balls for ball pools. Available in mixed colors. The kids love them!

Playground safety surfaces to provide a dedicated and safe play area for children. They lower the risk of injury considerable.