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Moveandstic panel 20 x 40 cm, blue
Made in Germany

Moveandstic panel 20 x 40 cm, blue


This security panel 20 x 40 cm can be used in many different ways. Good to know that this panel has a kind of hinge. If you bend the part (do not cut it) to the back it is possible to fix two panels on top of each other with an angle of 90°. To secure the panels use 4 clips for each one. Order them together with the panels.
Used for:
  • To close dangerous openings.
  • Benches
  • Stairs
  • For the back of seats

  • You need two 15 cm long and two 35 cm long tubes.
  • Place the panel on top of the tubes
  • Push the panel between the tubes
  • Stick the clips into the holes
  • Turn the clips 90°
  • The clip is fixed through the panel, tube and the connector

Important: Starting from a height of 60 cm there are no openings allowed with a size between 12 and 22 cm. To prevent bad injuries, close all openings which result from building with tubes of 15 cm with a panel. Or reassemble the parts to avoid this size of openings.
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