infoMoveandstic orders:
The apple-green slide will henceforth be delivered in modern grey.
5.95 €*
Shipping costs for Germany: 5.95 €*
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Delivery time: 3 - 7 workdays
Moveandstic panel clips set of 20 clips
Made in Germany

Moveandstic panel clips set of 20 clips


To secure the panels sized 20 x 40 cm and 40 x 40 cm you need 4 bolts for each panel. Order them together with the panels.

  • Place the panel on top of the tubes
  • Push the panel between the tubes
  • Stick the clips into the holes
  • Turn the clips 90°
  • The clip is fixed through the panel, tube and the connector

Number of black panel clips in each kit:
  • 10 pieces in Basic
  • 10 pieces in Starter
  • 25 pieces in Junior
  • 41 pieces in Profi
  • 5 pieces in Pool
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