infoMoveandstic orders:
The apple-green slide will henceforth be delivered in modern grey.
1.99 €*
Shipping costs for Germany: 6.90 €*
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Delivery time: 3 - 7 workdays
Moveandstic tube 15 cm, magenta / blackberry MAS

Moveandstic tube 15 cm, magenta / blackberry MAS


The magenta/ blackberry colored 15 cm long tube by Moveandstic is differnetly usable. Especially for building own constructions we recommend to order these single tubes.


  • putting tube on linking
  • turning tube until the hole at the end of the tube matches with the hole of the linking
  • putting in the tube security
  • turning the security with the installation key by 90° 
  • done


This article is only usable for children younger than 3 years.
Small items may be chocked by children.
Only usable at home.
Building up only by adults.
Only using under adults watch.
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