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Compost with tie rod out of wood

Compost with tie rod out of wood


Compost - pine (boiler pressure) planed with tie rod

Construction kit

The compost consists out of 4 solid corner posts 65 x 65 mm and 16 boards (strength ca. 16 mm, width ca. 90 mm, length ca. 880 mm)
Measure: outside: ca. 100 x 100 x 80 cm, inside: ca. 87,5 x 87,5 cm
The tie rod out of round steel gives the compost extra stability.

Composting is very easy
Air for the compost. Besides a shady location it is important to have enough oxigen for the decomposition process inside. Watch the wide gaps between the single boards below the compost. These are suitable for the air circulation. So the perfect climate can develop to destroy unwanted parasites and weed seeds and ecological compost.
The compost should not be filled up higher than 60 cm.

Tipp: If you start the compost fresh vaccinate it with rotten compost. Inside of it you will find everything which a new compost would need to build. The base build a layer out of twigs so that the air can circulate. Cover the full compost with soil.
Compost is done when it has a crumbly texture and a dark brown, fresh color.
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