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Sadly, we have to tell you that we can not deliver before August 15th.
Because of raw material scarcity and high order volume, we are not able to produce.
Single parts are available, while stocks last.
Thank you for your understanding
Kid's Furniture

Kid's Furniture

What can't you constuct from Moveandstic?
Tables and chairs made from Moveandstic parts are child-oriented and are a lot of fun.
Subcategory of: Moveandstic
Moveandstic Marie - table with storage tray 85 x 85 x 65 cm
The table includes a storage tray with a size of 35 x 35 x 15 cm. This one can be covered with a panel.
144.04 €*
Moveandstic Elias - seating group with table and two chairs
This seating group consists out of a table (size: 85x85x45cm), a chair (size: 45x25x45cm) and a stool (size: 45x25x25cm).
174.04 €*
Moveandstic Finja - chair - child chair for seating group
This chair fits perfectly to the Moveandstic table "Marie" and of course it can be ordered in different colors.
34.04 €*
Moveandstic toddler-seating group Vanny, table, chair, stool - multi-colored
This colorful seating group will make the youngest kids very happy. Finally there is a seating area for toddlers with a lot of space. Here they can play so much.
134.04 €*
MAS-chair in different colors avaiable
Perfect suitable for boys and girls, adults, teenagers and children!
39.00 €*
Moveandstic Elias - seating group with table and two chairs - multi-colored
A beautiful seating group in great colors - for young and old!
174.04 €*
Moveandstic Biona - play toy shelf
A wonderful multi-colored shelf with many opportunities!
274.04 €*