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Matching game shapes and color sorting

Matching game shapes and color sorting


Fantastic game in a wooden storage box.

Stack colored wooden beads on the stick according to the pattern from one of the sample plates.
This game has eight sample panels with colored illustrations and two sample panels with non-colored illustrations.
The beautiful game helps children to recognize shapes and colors and promotes hand-eye coordination.
It also develops cognitive skills.
10 pattern planks in different levels of difficulty.

Shapes and color sorting game: Great pegging and threading game with wooden beads - the set contains 72 wooden beads with different colors and shapes, 1 green and 1 red thread, 10 templates made of wood (printed on one side) and 10 wooden sticks that are stuck on both sides of the wooden box can be. The wooden beads can be placed on the wooden sticks according to the templates, but of course also individually. Here the children can let their ideas run wild.

There are many different ways to stick the wooden beads on the bars or to thread them onto the thread cords. This game is very suitable for promoting fine motor skills, but also for hand-eye coordination and recognizing shapes and colors.

Threading game / pegging game practically stowed in a wooden box with a transparent plastic sliding lid.
Dimensions of the box: 30 x 30 x 4 cm.
72 differently shaped wooden beads in 6 colors: 13 each in red and blue, 16 in yellow, 14 in green, 9 in orange and 7 in purple
10 printed wooden panels (29.5 x 1.8 cm)
10 wooden sticks (length: 29.5 cm, diameter: 8 mm)
2 thread cords in red and green (length: approx. 1.10 m).

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