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Secial brush set 4 pieces brush set

Secial brush set 4 pieces brush set


4 x special brush set
accessories for painting with numbers 
The painting-with-numbers-packages include fine brushes with a good quality. With these brushes every picture can be painted beautifully.
The new special brush set is developed for the painting-with-numbers-hobby and fullfills the high demands of the hobby painters.

Content of the package:
size 00: round-sharp for the smallest surfaces
size 01: round-sharp for small surfaces
size 02: flat-oval-sharp for small and bigger surfaces
size 03: round-sharp for big surfaces and backgrounds 
instruction "the real brush care" for a long durability of the high quality painting brushes

Warnings EU Regulation:
Only usable for home use.
Not suitable for children younger than 3 years.
Using under adults watch.
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