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10-piece special brush set size 3

10-piece special brush set size 3


Special brush set 10 pieces

The special brush set is developed for the painting-with-numbers-hobby and fullfils the high demands of the hobby painters.

  • special strong synthetical hair
  • diameter of the handle ca. 6 mm, easy to to use and to move
  • is laying perfectly in the hand
  • noble handle varnish

  • 10 pieces size number 3 - varnish black (round-sharp) - for big surfaces and backrounds
the four most happening mistakes:
  • no leaving/ standing in the water!
  • Never clean with aggressive cleaner!
  • never stirr the colour with the brush!
  • dried colour rest not remove with the finger nails

the necessary care:
  • one brush consists out of 3 parts: handle, clamp and brush head
  • acrylic paint immediatly swipe off
  • brush needs to be washed out by clear, warm water
  • brush head needs to be swiped by the soap, afterwards washing out with water again
  • spread out the water with a turning moving 
  • no colour should be left at the clamp
  • brush head needs to be shaped back to its shape with fingers
  • let the brush dry slowly just lay down, no heating, no hairdryer!

Warnings EU Regulation:
Only usable for home use.
Not suitable for children younger than 3 years.
Using under adults watch.
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