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10-piece special brush set size 3

10-piece special brush set size 3


Special brush set 10 pieces

The special brush set was developed for the painting-by-numbers hobby and meets the high demands of hobby painters.

  • particularly strong synthetic hair
  • Handle diameter of approx. 6 mm, can therefore be easily guided
  • lies nicely in the hand
  • noble handle painting

  • 10 pieces size no. 3 - paint black (round-pointed) - for large areas and backgrounds

Brush Breviary:

the four most common mistakes:
  • do not leave it standing in the water!
  • Never clean with aggressive agents!
  • Never stir paint with a brush!
  • Do not remove dry paint residues with your fingernails!

the right care:
  • a brush consists of 3 parts: handle, ferrule and brush head
  • Immediately apply acrylic paints onto kitchen paper.
  • Wash the brush in clear, warm water.
  • Wipe the brush head over the soap, then wash it out again.
  • Spread out water with a twisting motion. No more paint must adhere to the base of the clamp.
  • Bring the brush head into its original shape with your fingers.
  • Let the brush dry slowly on its side. No heater! No hair dryer!

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