Wide range of slides for private and commercial use: Stainless Steel Slides, GFK-Slides, Ladder Slides, Hillside Slides, Toddler Slides and Attachment Slides.
Subcategory of: Playground & Accessories
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High-quality stainless steel slides for private and public playgrounds. All kinds of embankment slides or free standing traditional slides.

GFK - Slides made of high quality fibre-glass reinforced plastics. Add-on slides, traditional free standing slides, spiral chutes and spiral slides.

Stainless-steel and GFK slides with ladder entryway

Slides for hillside or embankment mounting including safety tested stainless steel slides.

Toddler slides for inside & outdoors with high side rails and wide legs for extra safety and stability.

Playground slide bodies and attachment slides for playground stuctures. Certified for private and commercial use.
XXL slide with water connection
This great wave slide not only impresses with its design and its 270 cm slide length, but also has a very special extra for warm days: a water connection for the garden hose!
114.00 €*
EVA high chair / slide wood
2in1: children's chair and children's slide made of solid wood
53.49 €*
Toddlers slide with garden slide, freestanding slide for babies red/ yellow
Ladder slide with a great design with high stability for inside and outside
23.49 €*