Slides in all variations: 
Stainless steel slides, GFK-slides (glass fiber reinforced), ladder slides, hanging slides, toddler slides and additional slides. 
Subcategory of: Playground & Accessories
Sub categories

Brand quality slides, additional slides and mountain slides out of stainless steel for the play tower or hill addition.

Free standing slides with ladder staircase. Slides out of wood, stainless steel or synthetic in different lengths and shapes.

Slides for hanging and hills addition. Additional slides out of synthetic or stainless steel.

Slides for toddlers for indoor and outdoor. Safe against tilting over and with extra high side walls for an extra safety.

Slides to attach to play towers and podiums. Although usable for the private use and also suitable for kindergarten or other public areas. Rutschen zum Anbau an Spieltürme und Podeste. Out of glass fiber material.
Move and Stic climbing tower CARO with slide multi color
Climbing tower with long slide aand different climbing levels. Measure: 105 x 285 x 125 cm.
405.59 €*