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high quality therapy and play balls by EURO-MATIC balls 500  pieces 75 mm

high quality therapy and play balls by EURO-MATIC balls 500 pieces 75 mm


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Orginal EURO-MATIC EURO PLUS® play balls

500 colorful mixed 75 mm EURO PLUS® play balls in colors of blue, green, red, yellow, white and orange. Suitable for indoor and outdoor. 
EURO-MATIC-balls give children a good physical support of sensivity and visual suggestion.  

TÜV certified
The material components for the reinforcement of the EURO PLUS® play balls are confirm with all requirements of the health and medicines laws:
Right from colors to the LDPE, polyethylene wiht low density (includes UV-inhibitor), all materials are chosen very carefully to make sure that no impairment because of ultraviolet light will happen and that those fulfill the strict american and european fire protection and harmful substance laws. 

The balls are compression tested and the expected life is 20.000 compressions. 

The therapy and play balls "Euro-Matic" for a relaxed atmosphere in the ball pit 

A ball pit has a high request character for kids: children love to crawl in between the small colorful balls, to dive under or just to relax. Even though for therapy or for adults the ball pits are loved. In therapy the children can walk on single balls and can feel the ball on their whole body under light pressure. Also it is a special place for moving experiences - a place for children and adults to lean back and realx. Create a special playing experience in open-air-pools and indoor-pools when balls are swimming on water. 

Get the high quality therapy and play balls "Euro-Matic". 
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