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high quality therapy and play balls by EURO-MATIC balls 500 pieces 75 mm

high quality therapy and play balls by EURO-MATIC balls 500 pieces 75 mm


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Orginal EURO-MATIC EURO PLUS® play balls 

500 colored mixed sorted 75 mm EURO PLUS® play balls (Euromatic) available in the colors of blue, green, red, yellow, white and orange. Suitable for indoor and outdoor. 
EURO-MATIC-balls offer children a very good body support for the sensitivity and the visual suggestion.

Certified by TÜV 
The material parts for the manufacture of the EURO PLUS® play balls fulfil all of the requirements of the health- and medicines laws:
From color to LDPE, polyethylene low density (including UV-inhibitor), all materials are chosen carefully so that there is no damage by UV light and that the strict american and european fire protection and contaminant law are fulfilled. 

The balls are compression resistant and the expected durability is 20.000 compressions. 

The therapy and play balls "Euro-Matic“ for a feel-good atmosphere in the ball pool 

A ball pool has a high demand character for the kids: Children love it to crawl, dive under or just relax in between the little colored balls. Ball pools are also very popular for adults and therapy. In the therapeutical area the kids can walk on the balls and can feel the soft pressure of the balls on their whole body. A ball pool is a place for special move experiences - for children and adults it is a place to relax. Create a special play activity in open-air pools or indoor pools when the balls swim on the water. 

Get your high quality therapy and play balls "Euro-Matic".
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