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Plastic Molded Swing Seat Red

Plastic Molded Swing Seat Red


Swing seat with rope and mounting rings

... you still need the swing hooks.
Made of blown plastic.
Size: 425 x 165 mm
Thickness: 85 mm.
Red color.

The rope is made of continuous polypropylene yarn. It is 10mm thick and has a smooth structure (very good sliding properties).
The swing seat is suitable for swing frames with a head beam height (= clear height from the floor to the top of the head beam) up to 2.50 m.

The black rope connections are made of polypropylene. Rings and hooks (to adjust the rope length) made of galvanized steel.
This swing seat is extremely weather resistant.

Safety note:
This item is not suitable for children under 3 years.
Small parts can be swallowed by children.
Only for domestic use!
Please note the safety instructions on the assembly instructions.
Construction only by adults.
Use only under adult supervision.
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